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Repertoire by Women Composers

Alyssa Morris

Coastal Kaleidoscope, Trio for Flute, Oboe, and Piano

Amanda Harberg

Sonata for Piccolo and Piano

Amy Beach

Springtime for Voice and Piano

With Violets forVoice and Piano

Amy Dunker

Postcards (and Memories) for Trumpet and Piano


Angelica Negron

Sueno Recurrente No. 1

Aubrie Powell

аɪ Kӕnt Spі։k for Violin, Cello, and Piano

Barbara York

How Beautiful for Tuba and Piano

A Caged Bird for Trumpet and Piano

Beth Anderson

Wallonian Waltz, Belgian Tango

Cécile Chaminade

Concertino, Op. 107, Sérénade aux étoiles, Op.142 for Flute and Piano

Cecilia McDowall

Framed for Trumpet and Piano

Celka Ilona Ojakangas

Birdcage *(recorded in 2015)

Chen Yi

The Soulful and the Perpetual for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Christina Butera

Chi bedda vuci avia II for Clarinet, Piano, Soprano, and Cello

Eunhye Kim

ARARI XII: Arirang Variation *(USA premiere in 2023)

Florence Price

Night for Voice and Piano

Gabriela Ortiz

Preludio y Estudio No. 3 *(recorded in 2021)

Graciela Agudelo

Siete Piezas Latinas

Hannah Heaton Adhikari

It’s In the Simple Things for Flute and Piano *(world premiere in 2023)

Jenifer Higdon

Trumpet Songs

Jennifer Mary Castellano


Juri Seo

Doremi Variations

Karan Tanaka

Water Dance

Techno Etudes *(recorded in 2021)

Silence Ocean for Trumpet and Piano

Laura Whitney-Johnson

Louie’s Piano, Part 1 *(world premiere in 2018)

That Which Is Hidden for Cello and Piano *(world premiere in 2018)

Margaret Bonds

Spiritual Suite

Maria Theresia von Paradis

Sicilienne for Cello and Piano

Mary Evelene Calbreath

My Love rode By for Voice and Piano

Mel (Melanie) Bonis

Sonata, Op. 64 for Flute and Piano (1st and 2nd)

Misook Kim


Stephanie Boyd

Imogen, Op. 14 for Flute and Piano

Vera Ivanova

Three Studies in Uneven Meters *(recorded in 2021)

Wang A-Mao

The Impression of Beijing Opera: Sheng Dan Jing Mo Chou

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