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Women Composers

21st Century Music for Solo Piano
by Living East Asian Women Composers

Lecture Recital


Juri Seo, Doremi Variations

Karen Tanaka, Water Dance

Wang A-Mao, 生旦淨末丑:
The Impression of Beijing Opera

Musical Influence
on the Solo Piano Music of Juri Seo

Research Paper

for Doctor of Musical Arts

in Piano Performance

for Solo Piano
by Three Living Women Composers

Original Recordings of

Karen Tanaka, Techno Etudes

Vera Ivanova,

Three Studies in Uneven Meters

Gabriela Ortiz,

Preludio y Estudio No. 3

Future Projects
of Solo Piano Music
by Women Composers

Pianist Dr. Kowoon Lee seeks to advance women composers' musical voices through her research and performances.

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